August 22, 2007

August Camp

So, the August camp is over, and while training was incredibly productive, I have to admit I'm glad to have a rest week! The first week of the camp was my largest volume week all year. We were all pretty tired by the end, which was a good feeling. Last week, the Development Team headed over to Jericho, Vermont to take advantage of their range with rollerski loops. It was great training, especially for those of us who are newer to the sport. We got to practice range procedure and shoot a lot. Of course, sleeping in the Army barracks at the Ethan Allen training site was an experience, but definitely worth it considering the training.

Two races with the large group of junior biathletes from Minnesota, Maine and Alaska that were also training in Jericho toped off the training week. The races were another great opportunity for practice at high intensity, something we don't often get a lot of since we don't have rollerski loops at the range in Lake Placid. Overall, I was happy with my results, but I know there are still a lot of things to work on before we get on snow...which hopefully won't be too long from now!

Like I said, I'm now in the rest week phase of our cycle, and heading over to Maine to meet up with my parents and take my little brother down to college. Then I’m off to Maine for Zach's brother's wedding. And of course, after that we'll be full speed into the next camp in September here in Lake Placid. Stay tuned....

Checking my natural point of aim during practice in Jericho.

Lots of rifles...

First shooting stage. I'm the one furthest to the left.


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