December 5, 2009

World Cup 1

Hello from the World Cup!

The first weekend of World Cup racing is over for me, and it was a solid start to the season. I was the top US finisher in both the Individual and Sprint, and had respectable placings, finishing 60th in the Individual and 59th in the Sprint. With over 110 finishers, I am pleased with the outcome and looking forward to improving on those results next week.

There was some real excitement for the US team here in Ostersund, though. Tim Burke placed on the podium in both races: 2nd in the Individual and 3rd in the Sprint. It was awesome, and extremely motivating to see. I think the whole team is riding a high seeing what Tim has been able to accomplish in just the first two races of the season. It's giving us confidence going into the's a very exciting time to be involved in US Biathlon!

Monday we leave for Hochfilzen, Austria. A new course and a new weekend will be welcomed by all. We hope some sun is also in the forecast for Austria...though I'm sure it can't be as bad as 3pm sunset! Internet can be spotty in Hochfilzen, so I may not be able to update my blog, but you can follow the action on With a couple more World Cups under my belt, I'm feeling stronger and more confident as we head into the next races.

Prepping the stadium and race courses for the Races.

Stadium and shooting range during the men's relay.


Kevin Kraal said...

Wahoo! Go get em, Idaho girl.

Bob Troutman said...

Good luck in your races this this weekend.

charlene burt said...

Wow Sara,we are so proud of you!!! We are watching you live your dream and achieving everything you have hoped for. Keep up the good work and we'll be cheering for you!

Anonymous said...

Go Girl! Best of luck. I am your distant cousin, Gary Studebaker, in Pendleton, Oregon. My father did traveling work in the Boise area about 1940 and met some Studebakers in the Treasure Valley. Wonder if you are related to them. I am 63 and am a social worker for the State of Oregon. We come from Heinrich's branch of family through Philip. I will pass news of your upcoming games to another cousin, John McCain, of LA area--retired engineer. He went to University of Denver; I went to UO. Address: 905 NW Gilliam, Pendleton, OR 97801. (but may get new service soon). GLS