February 8, 2010

Every Four Years-4 days to go!

The opening ceremonies for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games are only 4 days away, and things are starting to heat up! Although I won't be able to march in Opening Ceremonies (our first race is the next day), it's rapid approach is getting us all excited. I, along with the rest of the US Biathlon Team, have arrived in the village after a week at Mt. Washington on Vancouver Island for a training camp and a day in Vancouver at team processing. It's very exciting to be here, as you are surrounded by Olympic atmosphere constantly. The village is beautiful and being at the Olympics-being an Olympian-is really starting to feel real to me! I have not taken too many pictures so far, but below are a few of the past couple days, and I promise more to come soon!

I also want to quickly say THANK YOU to the Bogus Basin Nordic Team for sending me a great congratulations poster! It's hanging in my room here in the village...it really made my day getting such a great package. Good luck to you all at the final Intermountain JOQ-home course advantage! :)

A big part of processing? Trying on tons of clothes to make sure they fit!

Boxes and boxes of Nike and Ralph Lauren clothing at team processing.

Too many clothes to fit in your suitcase now? No problem-they have plenty.

Modeling the Closing Ceremony look.

3/4 of the women's team-me, Haley Johnson and Lanny Barnes (missing:Laura Spector)


Kristine said...

SARA! Looking good in your new Ralph Lauren!!!!! How COOL is THAT!!!!! Thinking of you and wishing ya all the best this weekend! Auntie Kristine

Anonymous said...

Sara you have a whole group of new people cheering you on here in Nashville. I have told everybody here at work about meeting you this summer and they all send you their congrats and can't wait to cheer you on. I have been getting messages via your Uncle Al and it is so cool to hear how excited everyone is.

Sorry you will not be able to attend the opening ceromonies but keeping your leg strength for the next day is more important. Our son said he is excited for you he knows what you he have put in to get where you are. He hopes now that maybe one day he will be at the Olympics as a coach since he did not make it as a player.

GO USA!!!!!!!!

Jean said...

Sara!! Thanks for updating your blog! I CAN NOT WAIT to be at the olympics and hopefully get to see you race. Do you know what events you will most likely be racing? I am so excited for you and I am telling everyone about you! Keep us updated, and have fun with the Ralph Lauren clothes... haha.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara, your cousins in RI/MA wish you all the best. We are so excited for you. You look great in your closing ceremony outfit!!
Good luck and we are cheering for you. You go girl!!!

Love Mike Dana Katie Anne Matthew
Bob and Carol