March 15, 2011

On to Oslo

Sunset at the stadium in Khanty.

After the World Championships in Khanty-Mansyisk concluded with Sunday's relay, it was off to Oslo. As a team, our relay did not go as well as planned. I did, however, have a great leg and felt very good about how I ended the series. It's always nice to have good results to go along with good efforts, but today it just wasn't there for us. It was, however, an improvement for the team as we all skied well and placed 14th, 3 positions higher than our Olympic finish.

Racing in the relay. Photo: NordicFocus

Most of the team is now in Oslo for the final World Cup. It's an absolutely gorgeous day here-and even after such a long season, moral is high and everyone seems to be looking forward to the last races. I'm excited for one more weekend and the opportunity to race another mass start. We'll see how things go, but I feel good. There's no better place to end the season, and hopefully it will be a good finale!

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