November 19, 2011


Yes, though I may have seemed more than a little M.I.A. these last couple months, I've actually been quite busy.  It's been pretty much the usual fall schedule since I left Alaska (with my cousin's wedding thrown in): Utah camp, prep for snow, head to Sweden, begin get the idea.  One major difference is that unlike last year's frigid weather, Sweden is this year offering very little snow, and balmy, just near freezing temperatures.  But more on that later.  For now, it's time for the here's-what-you-missed-in-photos blog post! 

Training in work with what you've got.
My brother and me at my cousin's wedding.  We clean up well!
What fun is a wedding without wheelbarrow races?!  This counts as training, right?
Rollerskiing on the loop at Soldier Hollow, Utah.  All but one day brought us amazing weather!
Annelies, Corrine and I enjoy the sunshine on a hike in Park City.
Along with several other people, we saw several Mountain Goats on Mt. Timpanogos!
Annelies and me on the way down from Timp.  Snow turned us around early, but the hike was great anyway!
Corrine shows her excitement at the dusting of snow we hiked through before I left Lake Placid for Sweden.  Ironically, there's more snow in this picture than in Ostersund!


Jason said...

Sara - last year your shooting was awesome and I believe you got the needed ski-speed. hmmm - a top-10 finish this year??? I'm excited for you this season.

Sara Studebaker said...

Thanks, Jason! I'm excited too!