March 2, 2012

Ready, Set, World Champs!

Mini Brazilian Biathlon fan at the Opening Ceremonies.

Usually when thinking ahead to a big event like World Champs, you envision all the possibilities. Something crazy might happen, something great might happen, someone's going to lose their cool for sure. But in all the times I envisioned the start to World Champs, it never went like this. I've never had a penalty in a relay, and the most I've been behind this year when tagging off to the second leg is 56 seconds. 1 penalty and 2:31 back later, I've learned that it has to happen to you at some point. The Mixed Relay was my day to realize this. Unfortunately it was my worst relay of the year on a day when it was most important, and my teammates had excellent days. Luckily, I have several more races to pick things up and make good things happen.

So, Sprint race tomorrow and Pursuit on Sunday. I'm ready to move forward!

Annelies and Susan enjoying the sunshine and an Alcohol-free beer for recovery!

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