January 11, 2013

Auf Wiedersehen, 2012!

I'm sorry, I've been pretty bad about blog posting.  I'd like to blame lack of internet, or slow internet, but while that may play a role, it's not the whole story.  The good news is that whenever I fail to post for a while, you get a photo update!  So here we go, the last month in pictures...

After the not-quite-winter of Sweden, it was off to Hochfilzen.  They had plenty of white stuff waiting for us.

Our view upon waking up the first day in Hochfilzen...winter!
Susan and me enjoying the snowy conditions post-pursuit race.
It was not only snowy, but cold in Hochfilzen...parkas for cool-down skis!
After Hochfilzen, it was off to Bled, Slovenia for the Pokljuka World Cup races.  Bled is beautiful, and consequently Pokljuka is one of my favorite venues.  Conditions were great for the training days, decent for the sprint, but the pursuit was run in pouring rain.  However, I had some solid results, scoring points in both races!

The beautiful view of the lake and church from our hotel in Bled, Slovenia.
SUN! The training days leading up to the Pokljuka races were sunny and beautiful.
But the sun turned to rain, turning my bed into a drying rack...
Wet and ready for some time off, I headed to Anchorage, AK for the Christmas break.  I'd never been there that time of year, and though I was warned the sun was never up for long, the short days were sun-filled and beautiful.  It was the perfect mix of relaxation and training.

Cold temps but sunny weather met me in Alaska...making for some beautiful skis.
The sun never got very high in the sky, but it was still more sun than I'd seen most of the time in Europe!
No visit to Anchorage is complete without seeing moose while on a ski!
And of course I did some biathlon training...in the dark.  Luckily the Kincaid range is well lit!
And now I'm back in Europe!  Oberhof was a solid start with my best result of the season so far (29th in the sprint), and after a slight head cold, things are kicking off in Ruhpolding.  The season is about half over, and things feel like they're heading in the right direction for me.  Antholz is next, and then we'll be prepping for an earlier-than-normal World Champs in Nove Mesto.  Stay tuned for more as the season progresses!


Beth Kalikoff said...

AWESOME photos! Thanks, Sara!

Frank said...

Nice pics. Thanks for sharing. Have fun in Antholz and during the Championships. Goo luck!

kalaiarasi p said...

Thanks for sharing ur blogs..it is very interesting ....ur travels is good

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