February 4, 2008

Back to the Grind

I've been back in Lake Placid for almost two weeks now, getting back into the swing of things and training hard to get ready for the next set of races coming up.

The last few days in Slovakia were good. Our team decided, due to a few under-the-weather teammates, not to race the relay. We did, however, do the pursuit. It was pouring rain, which made for an interesting day. I managed to move up in my placing and shot much better than the previous races. It was a great way to end my European racing.

The goal of the past week and a half has been to get in some good training hours in preparation of the next four weeks of racing. The NorAm circuit is starting up again with races this weekend in Jericho, VT followed by Lake Placid and the next two weekends in Quebec. I looking forward to getting back to racing. With biathlon, the pressure of race situations cannot be duplicated in practice, and so these next weeks will be another set of great learning opportunities for me. It should be good; keep checking for updates as the ball gets rolling again!

Junior women's pursuit race in Osrblie, Slovakia.

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Luke Studebaker said...

Keep on truckin! Yeeehaaw!