February 27, 2008

La Patrie

Well, it was another interesting weekend. First, let me say that La Patrie, Quebec is beautiful. The venue and trails were great (definitely not "world class" but very well done for such a small area). The trails wound through the woods and rolled up and down the hillside (well, to be honest it was considerably more up than down). And of course the sunshine definitely didn't hurt. It was a beautiful weekend.

Unfortunately, I was only able to enjoy one day of racing since I woke up Saturday morning with a strange sickness. I was dizzy and nauseous and thus spent the day in bed. It only lasted a few hours, and by evening I was well enough to go out to dinner with the team. Thank goodness for my healthy immune system!

Sunday I woke up feeling much better. Though my body was tired from having been sick the day before, the race went well. It was a Canadian style pursuit (5 second interval starts based on your sprint result), and since I didn't race the sprint I started last in the field of three women (so, 10 seconds behind the lead). I quickly moved into second after missing only 1 shot on my first prone stage. With only one more miss on my next stage, I took over the lead and stayed there for the remainder of the race, missing 2 and 2 on each of my standing stages. It was not a perfect race by any means, but a good one none-the-less. I was tired from the word go, but was able to pace myself and felt like I gave all I had. My shooting was not perfect, but not bad, and certainly better than last weekend's mass start!

The parking/waxing area.

The team (the three of us-Jason, Zach and I) has been feeling pretty tired this week and so our coach has opted to give us a little more rest. This weekend is the last weekend of racing before US Nationals/NorAm Championships in Minnesota. After this weekend we'll have about a week and a half of training to get ready for Nationals and Canadian Nationals which immediately follow the Minnesota races. We're on the home stretch of the season, which, as always, is hard to believe. It's been good so far, and I'm hoping to end on a high note with these last few races.

Such a beautiful day, how could you help but smile!?

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