August 24, 2008


It's been a busy last few weeks between camp and races in Jericho, a short camp in New Hampshire and then a few days with my relatives in Maine. Let's start back in Jericho.

Jericho Races

I had great races in Jericho. It was a great opportunity to get some hard racing in and see how my training is progressing to this point. Despite being away from biathlon-specific training while I was home in Boise, I shot very well and also skied well. I was third in the sprint, only 36 second from first and 6 seconds from second. I missed only 1 prone shot, so I was very happy with my whole race. The pursuit style race was the next day and I had a great race, missing only 2 shots over 4 shooting stages and won the race with a big margin. It was a great boost for me to see that my training has been on point.

Clean shooting in the pursuit race

Getting interviewed by the local news after the sprint race

A few days later I raced in the NENSA rollerski race. It was fun to do a cross-country race, but very different. Race strategy is completely different when you add shooting to the mix. I ended up 4th, but was very happy with my race considering it was my 3rd race in five days, and my 4th hard workout of the week. All in all, our time in Jericho was very well spent.

Chasing down racers in the NENSA rollerski race

New Hampshire Camp

After the Jericho races, the "B" team headed over the Jackson, NH in the shadow of Mt. Washington. Jackson is a somewhat special place for me. Not only was it the site of my first cross country skiing Junior Nationals, it was also the site of the 2007 NCAA Skiing Championships where Dartmouth won it's first NCAA title in over 30 years. It was great to be in Jackson in a completely different capacity. The focus of our camp was volume, so we did some great bike rides, hikes and rollerskis. It was a great break from the shooting and biathlon-specific training of Jericho.

Just below the summit of Mt. Washington

One of our long bike rides...beautiful!

Off-week: Maine!

After the long week of training in New Hampshire, Zach and I headed to Maine to hang out with my aunt, uncle and cousins. We had a great time sleeping in, cooking, berry picking and kayaking. We went sea kayaking with my aunt and uncle, which was really fun, despite some harrowing water on the way back. It was definitely a fun few days.

Huge hail stones during a thunderstorm in Maine

What's a trip to Maine without lobster?!!

Kayaking off the coast in Maine

Hanging out on the beach we kayaked to.

Now we're back to Lake Placid and gearing up for a couple more weeks of training here before heading off to Alaska. After a couple of good camps and some great races, I'm feeling very confident going into this next block of training. As the summer comes to a close, I'm getting ramped up for the fall and feeling like I'll be ready for the fast approaching competition season.