August 3, 2008

Home Sweet Home, and Rain, Rain, Rain

I'm a little behind in things...ok, a lot behind. I have not uploaded any pictures from the last couple weeks, so the visual side of the story will have to be in the next post. However, a quick update is definitely in order.

I spent the last couple weeks at home in Boise. The first week I was home I spent a lot of time getting in one last big week of training. It had been a while since I'd trained hard during a Boise summer, so I was enjoying early mornings and bone dry heat. A nice break from the humidity of the East! At the end of the week, my family went backpacking in the Sawtooth Mountains with some family friends. It was great to get into the mountains again and even better to be with such great company!

The second week I spent at home was an off week from training. While that doesn't mean that I don't train at all, it does mean very low hours and much more time for seeing friends and hanging out with family. We enjoyed a couple of late night, backyard dinners, and some good catching up.

I returned to Lake Placid refreshed and ready for a new training block. On Wednesday, we headed over to Jericho, Vermont for a week and a half of training and racing on the roller loops there. This coming Tuesday and Wednesday are biathlon races, and Saturday is a NENSA series Nordic rollerski race. The last couple days have been so rainy that I can't imagine there will be any rain left for the race days, but in New England, you never know. Hopefully we stay dry, and hopefully I'll remember my camera so I can get some pictures to you soon!

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