October 17, 2009

Utah Fall Camp!

The women's team is all together for one last dry-land camp in Utah. We've been training at the beautiful Soldier Hollow venue (site of the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Nordic events). It's been great to be all together again, but unfortunately the internet at our house is spotty at best, so I've been unable to get a post up until now.

Today we had our first "test" of the camp with and 15K Individual time trial. It was a good race for me. I felt I skied strong and shot well, with only 2 penalties (out of 20 shots). I ended up 3rd, and feel I'm just where I want to be at this time of year. The last couple weeks of fall are going to be important, but I'm already getting psyched for snow!

Racing at Soldier Hollow

Since there are no World Cup trials spots up for grabs this year for the women, everyone seems much more relaxed than last year, and I feel I've been able to focus more on getting in one last big push of training. We will have a Sprint time trial on Monday and then one more week of training before we all scatter. I'll be home in Boise for a week before heading back to Lake Placid for a couple weeks of training and then off to Sweden for the pre-World Cup camp and racing.
Soldier Hollow Panorama
It's been great to be out here with (mostly) beautiful western fall weather while our friends out east contend with not enough snow to ski on, but too much to rollerski with. Everyone is eager to get this season rolling, but we'll have to stay focused on training for just a few more weeks before we can switch to race mode.


ekimatuan said...

I saw the news spot on KSL about the team being in Midway. I'd like to head up from Utah County to watch the Biathletes train. How long will the team be up there and when/where is the best time to watch a training session?

Sara Studebaker said...

Glad you liked the news report! The women's team has unfortunately left Utah now, but the men are there until Saturday. They have workouts at the range in Soldier Hollow Thursday and Friday mornings I think. They are usually out there from 8:30-11:30 I believe. For more info on them, you can check out Zach Hall's blog (he's a National B Team member as well) at www.zhall-biathlete.blogspot.com
I hope it works out for you to see them! Thanks for your support!