January 11, 2010


With a win in the first trials race, and a strong finish among tough conditions in the second race, my Olympic trials are over. Late last night, I was named to the US Olympic Team for 2010, and could not be more excited for the chance to represent my country in Vancouver! It's been a long journey, and a long day of travel to Rupholding, where I will race in the World Cup later this week. Please stay check back soon for a more detailed post-and thanks again to all my supporters!


Mark said...

congrats Sara!
Mark Johnson here telling you that you deserve it!
All of those early mornings and late afternoons for training and competing have paid off for you and your fellow Idahoans couldnt be more proud!
I would love to talk to you about your schedule in the next month. drop me a note at your convience- - -mjohnson@ktvb.com.
(208) 321-5760.
Thanks and see you in Vancouver!

Anonymous said...

Just received word from your proud grandfather, Wayne that you made the 2010 Olympic team and he was so excited for you. We are excited that our cousin from Idaho is an Olympian and we will be cheering for you from Massachusetts. Kate,Anne and Matt have been telling all their friends about their cousin who will be in the winter games. We are proud of you and you worked so hard preparing for this. As the kids say You go,girl!! Wishing you all the best
Your cousins in MA - Dana, Mike, Katie Anne and Matt.

amy said...

Congratulations Sara!!! Good luck and HAVE FUN, I can't wait to follow your results next month!!
-Amy Wallace '04

Gus said...

Congratulations and Good Luck Sara;

Ray just called and told us your great news. Your cousins here in WA will be following and cheering for you all the way.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on making the team.

It's great to hear about Dartmouth grads going for the gold. I read about you in today's Speaking of Dartmouth - http://speakingof.dartmouth.edu/

Best wishes at the Olympics! Just remember the green ring is for Dartmouth grads! :-)

Anonymous said...

We are all so happy and excited for you and all your accomplishments! We are planning on being there to watch you win Gold.. (no pressure..ha ha ha)
We are looking forward to further posts, so keep 'em coming!
Take care and we will see you next month.
Kelly Jardine & Eric Reynolds

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!!...CONGRATULATIONS LADY! You make us all proud!
Can't wait to see you and Zak again!
Ski your heart out and be proud of yourself. You are great

~Shauna Rose~