January 6, 2010


Hello from Altenberg! Despite rumors of no snow and a 4-5hr drive that turned into 9hrs, we are here and things are going off as planned. Training over New Years was great in Ruhpolding-the atmosphere there is so conducive to good training and getting psyched to race fast. I’m hoping to get a chance to get back there for the World Cup. Since there were between 20-50 people out on any given training day to watch us, I can only imagine what a big race day is like!

Part of the amazing fireworks display on New Year's Eve-anyone can buy big fireworks in Germany, and they all do, so the show is unbeatable.

Tomorrow is the first trials race here in Altenberg-a sprint time trial with just the US team participating. Then this weekend we will race in the IBU Cup Sprint and Pursuit as the final two trials races. It’s an exciting and slightly nerve-wracking set, but I’m feeling good and am excited to get racing again.

In other news, all our new team clothing finally arrived. There are mixed feeling about the new color, but if one thing’s for sure, we are certainly visible-which makes it a little sad our suits have stayed dark blue (blending in with many other World Cup nations’ suits). The bright turquoise color has provided us some comic relief, since some f our German staff keep calling it “turkeys” since that’s about how the color is pronounced in German. I for one am enjoying my new “Turkey” outfit, but it is a bit bright all together!

Looking sharp in turquoise...or is it turkeys?


Chelsa Bea said...

Hey Sara, it's Chels! So glad you had such a great New Year's in Germany. They certainly know how to through a good party. Being the fashionista I am, I think the new outfits are so cute. Turquoise is one of my favorite colors, even if it does sound like "Turkey" in German. I think you guys look adorable. Good luck and keep us updated. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

kris said...

Hey sara!
Love those new uniforms! We are all thinking about you over there - wishing you the best of luck this weekend!!!! Be sure to take it all in! Love and misses,
Auntie Kristine!

Jean said...

Congratulations on your dominating performance in the first team trial!!! Way to go. I am so excited for you.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Scott said...

Hey Sara it's your uncle Al's friend Scott again. Congratulations on being named as a nominee to the 2010 US Olympic Team. Also on 1st place in the 1st race of the team trials. You and your family must be on cloud 9. Take all this in and be sure to let us all know in your blog how exciting this experience is. It is so great to be able to follow you and send good wishes your way.