May 26, 2010


I've been using a new product to help quantify my recovery. RestWise is a completely revolutionary idea and incredibly useful for athletes. Check out a recent interview I did with them on their blog:

May 22, 2010

Rested Up and Ready to Go

Spring is the rest/vacation/down time for an athlete, and within reason, coaches usually suggest you don't start training until you really feel you want to again. That means lots of fun "workouts" and general stay-in-shape activities for a few weeks before the real training starts. So I've taken that approach with my blog and not written anything until I was inspired. Hope you won't mind a quick pictorial look at some of my spring activities.

Relaxing on our porch in Mexico. A warm climate, a good book, and a great view = the perfect post-season vacation.

Dinner with Zach's brother, Christopher, in Mexico. Incidentally, Christopher is a GREAT cook.

Pozole-our last meal in Mexico!

Speaking to students at Boise High School-my alma mater.

View of the Washington Monument, just before going in to the White House to meet the President.

In the blue room at the White House!

May in Lake Placid...luckily it's gotten more spring-like since then.

Now I'm back in Lake Placid and already back in full training mode again. Our first National Team camp started this past week, and though the re-organization of US Biathlon means a bit smaller training group, it's a good group and I'm looking forward to the season ahead. I made some big jumps in results last year and was named to the National A Team, so will compete in the December World Cups along with one other woman who will be named after trials in November. Right now the focus remains on the basics and volume to re-set us all for the new season ahead. With World Championships in March this year, it will be a long season. Starting a little later this year has helped everyone recover a bit from a stressful Olympic season and really be ready for what's to come. Ready...begin.