October 25, 2010

Circling Back

The Teton Mountains, view from Idaho.

After a good camp in Utah and a great celebration of USBA's 30th anniversary in Jackson, WY, I'm finally back in Lake Placid for a final couple of weeks of training before we get on snow in Canmore, Canada. Fall is definitely in the air, and though the last couple days have felt more like spring, we know winter is right around the corner.

Our camp in Utah was a great chance to really nail things down both on the range and skiing before the snow flies. While I've made some big gains in the last few weeks, pretty much all the work is already over. You might think that's relieving, but it's actually pretty scary to think that all the training is behind me and now I just have to see how things shake out. We'll be on snow in a little over a week, and ready to hit race mode full-on in just a month. I've put over 6 months of really good training in (plus countless number of years before that!) and we're almost to the point where I get to see the payoff.

Working on my range procedure at Soldier Hollow, Utah.

Talking to new Women's Team Head Coach Jonne Kahkonen after a tough interval session in Utah.

While our fall camp was a lot of work, that's not to say that we didn't have any fun. Utah is beautiful in October, and traveling to Jackson, WY was an added treat for us. It was a weekend full of catching up and fun events, like skeet shooting just over the Teton Mountains from Jackson. Thanks to all the USBA staff who helped organize this fantastic weekend!
Hiking in Teton National Park with Zach and some of the USBA Board of Directors members.

Learning to shoot skeet at the Lazy Triple Creek Ranch with USBA members just outside Driggs, Idaho. Thanks for a great time!

So now we're back in Lake Placid getting things turned around to head out to Canada in search of snow. I can't wait to get on snow again and leave the rollerskis behind. Winter is what skiers wait all year for, and I'm feeling more ready than ever to get this season going!

Zach and I outside Jackson, WY.