July 30, 2010


It's July already. And not only is it July, it's the END of July. I can hardly believe how fast this summer is going by, and how much I've already fit in. June was a whirlwind of National Team camp and a trip to Alaska (it's SO light there in the summer!). Now July has almost past between a shooting camp, a family reunion, a friend's wedding and a trip home that's now half over. I'm heading back to the east (Jericho, Vermont more specifically) on Wednesday for our last camp of the summer. It will include the US National Rollerski Biathlon Championships, so that should be a fun way to test out where we all are right now in our training. We've had a bit of a different philosophy this year, waiting to do much intensity until fairly recently. The coaches decided that was a good plan of action so as not to burn us out too early, especially with World Championships being so late this year.

July has also brought some changes to US Biathlon. A new head women's coach was hired, and we're all looking forward to start working with Jonne Kähkönen, former Finnish National Team Head coach. We know he will be an excellent addition to our staff, and I am really looking forward to having him and his family in Lake Placid.

Typically, I don't have any pictures to put up right now-Zach is the master picture taker, and he (along with his camera and pictures) is currently in Italy at a training camp with the men's team. But I promise to post some soon (MUCH sooner than the interval between this and my last post...sorry about that). For now, I'm off to brave another workout in the heat of Boise (with a high near 100 F it's looking like a good afternoon for the gym and strength inside!). Stay cool, wherever you are.