September 21, 2011

Germany and Beyond

It seems that despite all the best laid plans, my blogging efforts have been stalled for the past few weeks. Sorry about that. Since my last post, I spent a week in Oberhof, Germany before flying back to Lake Placid for three short days and then heading off to Alaska to visit Zach. Last week, Zach and I went off into the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve where we backpacked into some beautiful country looking for moose. We were unsuccessful in our moose hunt, but the trip was well worth it.

Hooked up to all kinds of fancy machines at the Salzburg University sport center. We stopped here briefly on our way from Ruhpolding to Oberhof for some shooting position analysis.

Inside the Ski Hall in Oberhof. I really enjoyed the opportunity to be on-snow, but the 1.7km loop became pretty repetitive!

We even had spectators checking us out from time to time!

While we didn't find any moose in Wrangell, we did find plenty of Caribou antlers!

Next week I head back to Lake Placid for another brief stop before our October camp in Utah begins. Yes, October. I can hardly believe how quickly August and September have flown by. I'm enjoying fall, though, and already looking forward to winter!