September 7, 2013

Oberhof Ski Hall

More video blogging from Germany!

Training in Germany's ski hall is fun (though skiing on a 7 minute loop for 2 hours can get a little repetitive).  We love being here because it gives us a great chance to get on snow in September!  Here's a look inside the Oberhof ski hall.


September 6, 2013

Ruhpolding Video Blogging

Check out my new video blog! Curious about the Ruhpolding venue?  Here's a little peek at the range area and a more difficult part of the course.  The US Team has had a couple weeks to work on this course, which should benefit us this winter at the World Cup!   

 The Ruhpolding stadium area.
Ruhpolding World Cup course section

September 2, 2013

Germany Training Camp Is...

...sometimes sunny...
(photo: Leif Nordgren)
 ...sometimes foggy...
Susan on top of Rossfeld.
 ...a culinary experience...
Saturday afternoon workout ending with drinks and snacks at the Alm!
 ...lots of time on the range...
Boys waiting for slowfire drills to start in Ruhpolding.
 ...lots of "wild" life watching...
Hannah and Susan make friends with the cows near the Backeralm.
 ...2 weeks finished, 1 to go.
Auf Wiedersehen, Inzell und Ruhpolding...Hallo Oberhof!