June 9, 2013

Spring Training

Sunny, snowy Bend!
This spring has been pretty great for training.  I've been able to get in lots of on-snow skiing between Alaska and Bend, Oregon.  We've also had some great focused treadmill technique sessions, including a VO2 Max test, and some solid shooting work with both slowfire and combo training.  In addition, I was able to spend a week at home in Boise, visiting old friends and training in my old stomping ground. 

Lactate testing in Bend.
Dad and Uncle Ray de-bone chickens...quite the process, but with delicious results!
The beautiful Camas Prairie in northern Idaho.
I'll be in Lake Placid for one more week and then will be heading up to Alaska for the midsummer sun...and some training of course!

A midnight Alaskan sunset.