July 14, 2013


Hello, internet world!  I have been woefully absent from blog, twitter and facebook for the last little while, but summer is the time when things just happen and technology falls by the wayside.  I've been traveling around a lot since early June, and though many athletes will tell you travel is the worst for training, I think when that travel brings you to places and people you love, it can actually be beneficial.  So here's my last month in review...

Sunset off Brooklyn, NY looking towards Lady Liberty. (photo: Luke Studebaker)
After a week of solid training in Lake Placid and a brief stop in Brooklyn, NY to see my brother, I headed to Alaska where a "heat wave" was in full force.  Much to the dismay of the Alaskans, temperatures were hovering in the mid-70s F with jumps into the 80s F (about 27C)!  I, being from the hot Great Basin Desert of Idaho, thought these temperatures were just wonderful.  I don't think I've ever worn shorts and a tank top in Alaska - until this June!  It was perfect training weather, and the heat coupled with the drought they were also experiencing made for great adventure weather as well.  It was a fun couple weeks training and hanging out with Zach and enjoying the seemingly eternal sunshine.

Alaskan summer barbecue!
The baby moose were everywhere...a true training hazard at times! (photo: Zachary Hall)
Backpacking near Crow Pass through tall grass... (photo: Zachary Hall)
...and crazy river crossings! (photo: Zachary Hall)
Pioneer Peak
Everlasting and beautiful Alaskan sunset.
Just after the 4th of July holiday, I headed for a brief visit to Massachusetts, were my extended family was renting a beach house for the week.  I was only able to stay the weekend before heading back to Lake Placid for training, but it was great to see my family and connect with the next generation!

Baby Eva! (photo: Mike Taveras)

Now it's back to the grind in Lake Placid.  It's been really rainy here while I've been away, but the weather seems to have turned and we may actually have some dry training sessions this coming week.  Everyone is excited to be back together working hard, and we're all taking advantage of the summer with barbecues, dips in the lake, and blueberry-picking hikes.  It's going to be a great month!
The women's team happy to be back together (chocolate mousse helps, too)!