August 22, 2010


My new friend-The Concept 2 double pole machine.

I'm slowly recovering from my injury, but my limited range of motion and inability to do any lateral movement has made this week a pretty low one for training. While that was not in the plan, it has worked out fine for me to have a bit of down time. The one big problem is that I'm starting to go a little stir crazy. I've read one and a half books in the last week, and gotten lots of non-training things done, but not being able to go out and rollerski, run or bike has been hard. Luckily, this weekend I was cleared to do some light biking and double poling, with one caveat-all my activities have been stationary training. In order to keep my knee stable and not have any worry of re-injuring it, I must start with stationary activities, before adding outside elements into the mix. So, the stationary bike, the double pole machine, and I have been getting to know each other well. It's not the most exciting training, it is training, and has been keeping me occupied. Even so, hopefully by this time next week, I'll be back to business as usual!


August 15, 2010


It suppose it is just a matter of time in an elite athlete's career before they have some sort of big injury. Friday was my time. I was lucky, however, and in the realm of "serious" injuries, this one is not too bad. I was in Jericho, VT at our second women's team camp and NorAm rollerski races. While getting out of prone position during an easy combo workout, I dislocated my left patella (knee cap). My coach was right there, and we were luckily able to get it right back into place. My coach then drove me to the ER in Burlington. The hospital took X-Ray's and determined that there was no ligament damage, which was very good news. The doctor advised that I use a brace to immobilize my leg and keep it from dislocating again. After talking to the sports physiologists in Lake Placid, the agreed that was the best course of action until the swelling went down and they could examine me. I'm now back in Lake Placid, trying to rest and ice my leg so that tomorrow we can start figuring out where to go from here.

Creating a distraction on the range in my leg brace during practice. In good spirits despite it all!

Having never been injured before, it's a tough situation to be in. I'm having to lay low, even though I feel good (minus my knee!), and it takes me twice as long to get anywhere. But, I'm confident that if I can just relax and stay positive, I'll recover quickly and be back to training in no time. In the meantime, I'll just have to enjoy my down time.

August 1, 2010


Pictures from my friend's wedding in California where Zach and I debuted our talents as florists!

Starting to work on the arrangements for tables.

Putting the finishing touches on the bouquets.

The table arrangements all finished!

Boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen.

The tables all set for the reception dinner...a beautiful location!

Zach and I right before the ceremony-notice the beautiful bouquet!