March 10, 2008

NorAm 7 and Nationals Run-Up

It's been a while since I last wrote, so lets catch up. The last "regular season" NorAm in Valcartier, Quebec went well. Although the sprint race was difficult due to lots of new snow and some wind, it was a good experience. I missed quite a few shots, but learned a lot about how to better tell wind values so I can better adjust my sights for wind in the future. The pursuit race went much better. Despite arriving only an hour before the race (the organizers had moved the race up an hour without making sure every team knew) and having a rushed zero, I hit 17 of 20 and won by 2 minutes. Overall is was a good weekend, but I was definitely looking forward to a bit of a break afterwards.

A break was exactly what we got last week. With three days off and then some easy training and one interval session, I'm feeling much more rested this week. We're now gearing up for US Nationals/NorAm Championships and Canadian Nationals. We leave Lake Placid on Monday for Minnesota where we will race Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Then we head to Vancouver and race Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. All together, I'll race 6 races (58.5 kilometers) in 11 days. It's going to be a whirlwind, so getting some good training in and then some rest leading up to the races is important.

After Vancouver, we'll be done for the season and I'll be heading home to Boise for a little relaxation before heading back to Lake Placid and getting ready to start things all over again.


Unknown said...

Hi Sara,

it's the "I found your website by chance german guy". By the way my Name is Marc. The biathlon season in Europe is over by now and so is yours. I was following the World Cup closely and it came to an pleasant end. Magdalena Neuner won the overall world cup in an undecided competition until the very last race. What a thrill!

I guess all biathletes are relieved that there is finally some time to rest before training will start again. But for us spectators it is 8 month without watching this great sport.

How did you finish in the US Nationals and NorAm Championships?

Sara Studebaker said...

Hey Marc!

Thanks for checking back! Hopefully my latest post answers how the races went. Almost done, and I'm definitely ready for a little rest! However, I can definitely sympathize with 8minths without any biathlon action. I too was very excited to see how the women's world cup ended. How exciting!

Hopefully you'll keep checking back for a little off-season biathlon action!