March 9, 2014


After much consideration, I've decided that this will be my last season of professional racing.

I love biathlon and am excited to stay involved in the sport through coaching and development.  I know there will be times when I will miss competing, but I am excited to start this new phase of my life!

I want to thank everyone who has supported me along my journey to two Olympics, three World Championship teams, and many World Cup starts.  I appreciate your support and kind words that helped motivate me for the last 7 years.  It has been an adventure I will never forget and one I know I am so lucky to have had the chance to take.  Thank you all for sharing it with me!

That said, there are still two more weekends of World Cup racing this year, and I will race as hard as ever!  Keep tabs on my final races via Facebook, Twitter and right here on my blog.

All the best,
Photo credit: Guy Rhodes, USA Today


Barbara Frye said...

Congratulations on your successes, Sara, and good luck in your new endeavors, both personal and professional!!

Kelly Jardine said...

Congratulations Sara!! We could not be more proud of you and all your accomplishments. You are such an inspiration, not only to the young generation of athletes but to everyone who knows you, your dedication, your drive and your exquisite and remarkable personality. We wish you only the best with your new adventures in life! Continue to make a difference!! Kelly & Coen & Reynolds too, of course!!

Beth Kalikoff said...

Congratulations, Sara! What an exemplary racing career you have had! So proud of your great gifts, hard work, mental and physical strength, and grace under pressure….as well as your wonderful sharing with us through your blog, FB, twitter, and the like. Now you can relish the memories while facing forward to the next stage of your life! We love you.

Cousin Sara said...

Congratulations! You've made the Studebakers proud and have earned time to yourself!

Sara Studebaker said...

Thank you all for your comments! It has been a GREAT on to the next adventure!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara!!
i just read that you will stop using biathlon, thats really pity!;-(
I´m a little bit sad about your decision, but i can understand you.
I will always keep a big fan of you!;-)
Thank you soooo much for the soooo nice time in biathlon.
I will miss you.
I wish you all the best for the future and especially health.

Take care and best regards
Ben from Bavaria ;-))

Anonymous said...

Are you have time look on your emailacount,I have send your a email!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting photo)