May 23, 2012

Bend in Pictures

With only 3 more days left in beautiful Bend, Oregon, there's not much to report except positives.  The skiing has been great, the weather mostly fabulous, and the company perfect.  I even got to spend a couple days with my parents, whom I haven't seen since January.  All in all, it's been a successful trip...hopefully the last 3 days won't disappoint!

A couple of rainy afternoons have made for perfect rainbow weather...this one was pretty amazing.  Photo: Jonne Kahkonen
Annelies and me on a run down by the Deschutes River.  Photo: Lowell Bailey

The team! Can it get any more beautiful?  Photo courtesy of Lowell Bailey
Of course, we've been doing a lot of technique work...I think the coaches make up new drills just based on what will entertain them most.  ;)

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