February 8, 2014

Let the Games Begin...

The Laura Biathlon Stadium is ready for action!
Opening Ceremonies were last night, and though we weren't able to go we got in the spirit anyway!

Stylish in our Ralph Lauren gear!
Watching the Opening Ceremonies with XC ladies...there in spirit (and in dress)!
Tomorrow is my first race of the 2014 Olympics.  The women's Sprint goes off at 6:30pm local time, 9:30am EST.  I'm bib #74 and psyched to get racing started!  Let the Games begin!

Ski testing at sunset.  This place is BEAUTIFUL!
USA ladies are ready to rock tomorrow. Thanks everyone who helped us along the way, especially the Women's Sports Foundation for the Travel and Training Fund grant that helped us make our Sochi dreams a reality...together as a TEAM!


Rollo said...

My grandmother was a Studebaker! Congrats and best wishes from a Texan living in The Netherlands! We are all rooting for you!

Jo Nell Costello

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you! When is your next race? We are cheering you all on, from Louisiana!

Regards and best wishes,
Missy Wedgeworth

Sara Studebaker said...

Jo Nell: I guess we're long-lost cousins, then! :)
Thanks, Missy! I race tomorrow, then more races to be decided next week!