February 13, 2014

Sochi update

The running track around a (partially) frozen pond behind our chalet.
Individual race tomorrow!  I'm looking forward to another chance after feeling good skiing in the pursuit but having a rough first shooting stage.  I've been pretty relaxed racing here, and I think my prior Olympic experience is helping me be more calm about these races.  The beautiful weather and having my family around of course hasn't been hurting, either.  It's been a great Games so far, and there's still more than a week to go!

In case all the snow melts in this warm weather, we're prepared for swimming races.
My family meets the Olympic mascot in the Endurance Village!
Goodnight from Sochi!


Ron said...

The Studebaker Family National Association (SFNA) wishes you well as you undertake the individual race! We're tracking your results courtesy of another Sara Studebaker who keeps sharing your updates with us.

Ron Crowe for the SFNA

Rollo said...

Good luck Sara! I am a Studebaker cousin living in The Netherlands. We are all very proud if you!

Jo Nell Wise Costello

mingusal said...

What a great, great leg in the relay!! Congratulations!