February 3, 2014

The Final Stretch

In the metaphor that is the Road to Sochi, I'm entering the city limits.  It feels amazing to be here.  So different from Vancouver, yet so much the same!  Some of my first impressions:

-The volunteers are SO helpful.  From helping with luggage to directing us where we need to be, they are always there.  Even just smiling and saying hello, they make the atmosphere fantastic.

-The food is good.  I have to admit, having been to Russia before, I was prepared for some very foreign food.  But the organizing committee has taken their job seriously in welcoming the world, so the dining hall is filled with all kinds of different cuisine.  On top of that, the US Olympic Committee has stocked our chalet with enough peanut butter, cereal, oatmeal, applesauce and fruit leather (among other things) to feed an army.  So if the apocalypse comes at some point during the next three weeks, we'll be all set up here in the Endurance Village!
No going hungry here. Thanks USOC!
-The trails are great, and the venue is beautiful.  While some set-up is still happening, the Olympic atmosphere can be felt in full force.  It's great.

View of the range.  Welcome to the Olympics!!
It hasn't hurt things that the weather was beautiful today and the mountains make for great backdrop to the Laura venue.  I'm looking forward to the next three weeks in the Endurance Village...it should be an awesome time!

Also...for any of you who were excited to hear about this from last year:

They've fixed the issue.  Much better!


Kelly Jardine said...

Im so excited for you Sara! Coen and I love reading your blog and seeing your pics!! However, I think the bathroom shot is now my favorite!! hahaha..kidding of course.
Best of luck to you Sweetie... We will be watching you and following the entire US Biathalon team!! And with that said, it goes without saying.. You are our favorite Olympian!! xoxo, Kelly & Coen

Eekku said...

PEANUT BUTTER!!! I'm shocked.

Just kidding.. ;) Best of luck, Sara! I will be cheering for you and the amazing US Biathlon team so loud that the whole Lake Placid hears it!


Sara Studebaker said...

Erika...we almost died when we saw all that PB! :) Jonne might have too...